Get to know our Talent Consultant Sophie Thomas better. Sophie is smashing it at the moment; recently passing her probation and continuing to improve and meet her goals with her team at Talentskowt.

1. What initially got you into recruitment?

Very boring but I just got lucky! I knew I wanted to be in a fast paced sales environment and I love building relationships with new people so recruitment was a great fit. Plus it’s an environment where I can work hard and be rewarded, so it was a no brainer.


2. What are your favourite things about working at Talentskowt?

I love the fact everyone in the team support each other – all the small wins are celebrated and everyone encourages the teams success. I’ve made friends for life here! That along with the opportunities FJ and Talentskowt provide – there are constant incentives to grow personally and professionally and there are so many opportunities to grow with the company. The yoga sessions and zoom quizzes are also a bonus!!


3. What goals do you have for the next 5 years?

I’m someone who has a new goal every week, I try and focus on the short-term goals that will help me achieve the long-term – that being to have a house of my own (boring I know). I do have an unhealthy obsession with shoes so I’ll tend to have a monthly goal of a new pair of shoes I like..


4. What you recommend to someone who is just starting up in recruitment?

Stay positive, very cliché but recruitment is a rollercoaster – with every down there’s definitely a massive up. Work hard, stick to the basics and you will do well!


5. Describe your perfect, non-work day.

A sunny day spent with friends in a beer garden is my ideal day! That or a cosy Sunday watching Netflix.

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